Risk Management


AFC’s risk management program will consist of an annual presentation at the beginning of the year by our risk management director Gabriella Crane and/or Hans Hobson to be open to parents from all of our clubs’ teams. The program will cover all of the following:

1) Concussion, Abuse, and Cardiac Awareness

a. We will utilize the power point presentation that Tennessee State Soccer provides to educate all of our parents as well as providing them hard copy information packet to take home.

b. All information on concussion, abuse and cardiac awareness and the corresponding presentation will be mandated to be presented at each team’s first parent meeting to start the season. This will be in addition to the one held by the club Risk Manager.

It will be required by our club for every participating family fill out and sign all required risk management forms as well as our own parent and player code of conduct form at this meeting.

c. We will also have all of these forms and information displayed under our “forms” tab on our club website.

d. The club president in conjunction with the club risk manager will hold separate coach and team staff education seminar. In this seminar the coaches and staff will be walked through in detail all information provided by Tennessee State Soccer on Cardiac, Abuse, and Concussion Awareness. We will also be covering the “kid safe” brochure.

e. Separately from the coaches we will be holding at the start of each year a team manager training seminar. This will be held by our management coordinator. In this seminar our coordinator will be educating the managers on how to do their job effectively but more specifically to our “risk management”, the coordinator and our risk manager will present the “Ultimate Risk” brochure and provide hard copies to each manager. We feel this is an excellent source of oversight for our coaching staff as team managers are parents typically and are most often present.

f. Lastly our risk managers contact information will be provided to all club families as a resource and outlet.

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