Club Sponsorship Options

Bronze Package


Silver package


Armada Gold


Armada Champion


Armada ELite


Note: Bronze, silver, gold, and armada levels of sponsorship go into the general club scholarship fund to assist families with financial need as well as to provide additional programs and equipment for our players.

Team Sponsorship Options

Team Uniform Sponsorship

(Full Uniform Package):

Sponsor logo put on sleeves of game jerseys and company logo on website.

Tournament Sponsorships

Any contribution is appreciated and tax-deductible. Tournaments range from $325 – $750 and each team participates in 4 or more tournaments each year. Sponsoring a tournament helps all the players.


Individual players may be sponsored for their individual costs. 100% of sponsorship money goes directly to the sponsored individual.

Fall '22 - Spring '23 Fee Schedule Available Now